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Posted 8/19/15
Review by: Dai_Loli, Koda89

Simulcast on Tuesdays 9:30am PDT
When a hapless human teenager named Kurusu Kimihito is inducted as a "volunteer" into the government exchange program, his world is turned upside down. A snake-like lamia named Miia comes to live with him, and it is Kurusu's job to take care of her and make sure she integrates into his everyday life. Unfortunately for Kurusu, Miia is undeniably sexy, and the law against interspecies breeding is very strict. Even worse, when a ravishing centaur girl and a flirtatious harpy move in, what's a full-blooded teenage human with raging hormones to do?

I just read up on the monster girl fetish on the Internet for a bit before booting up Word and writing this little opinion piece, and yet, here I am, staring at a white page for minutes. I mean, I knew about monster girls prior, through one of those “What obscure corner of the Interwebs have I stumbled upon now?” sort of moments, I thought it was a neat concept and realized it had a big following, but who thought a harem manga about monster girls would actually get an anime adaptation? This has to be some sort of achievement for mankind. We’ve set a flag, people. But at the time of its unveiling, my immediate reaction was “That’s hype!”

And my hype was thoroughly justified, as Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls turned out to be a superb ecchi anime. Not only is it refreshing to see a harem where most of the girls can (and almost do) accidentally kill the protagonist through mere cuddling, but it also surprises by the sheer amount of ”Me Gusta” moments these half-human vixens will wring out of you. Add to this all the cliché scenes that are hilariously turned on their heads because the girl is a lamia / harpy / centaur / slime girl / you name it, and you’ve got a well-rounded offering bursting with energy and monstrous libido.

In closing, let us heed the sage words of Papi the Harpy: “Parpy Papi Papi? Papi Papa Papi?” *understanding nod*

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls asks a simple question, what would it be like if humans and monster girls lived in the same world? The answer apparently is that hilarious, yet deadly, hijinks ensue. Kurusu Kimihito is just your normal late-teen/early twenty-something living alone, when a government agent named Smith pretty much decides to turn him into an experiment, first by randomly dropping off a lamia, or half-human half-snake, named Miia at his house. And with each subsequent episode Smith keeps unloading more and more lovely monster girls onto Kimihito. First a harpy, then a centaur, even a mermaid. The only one who has joined at this point in the anime without Smith's help was Suu, a slime girl who came to Japan illegally.

The resulting chaos in Kimihito's house lends for some hilarious twists on standard harem series tropes by factoring in the fact that each of the girls can kill Kimihito accidentally with relative ease. But the series doesn't stop at just reusing old tropes, it introduces new scenarios as well, such as what happens when Miia has to shed. This all winds up making Monster Musume one of the few harem shows to stand out from the pack and makes it an interesting watch for even the most jaded harem fans.

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