When the S**T hits the fan plan
Posted 8/20/15
I've always liked have plans for stuff they help me think ahead and problem solve before a problem actually occurs sort of like constantly thinking of an answer before the question was asked so that I can respond quickly.
So the other day I was thinking about what I would do if the shit hit the fan so to speak. Stuff like major natural disaster or China and Russia invades the U.S. and starts WWIII that kind of stuff. This is kind of my plan so far;

Step 1: asses the situation
Step 2: take action to assure my survival

For example

Step 1: Natural Disaster strikes the area I live. For the most part what I have to worry about is mostly just flooding and blizzards sometimes earthquakes or a random tornado.
Step 2: Depending on the type of natural disaster I may stay in my house or leave. so if its a tornado I'd go to my basement. If its a flood I'm getting out fast going to a motel in a non affected town nearby. Wait it out then go home and clean up.
For natural Disaster its rather a straight forward and not very complicated.

Another example would be If world war 3 starts
Step 1: Determine who the enemy is and where they are located.
Step 2: Gather resources needed for my plan.
Step 3: Go to enemy location.
Step 4: gather as much intelligence as I can to determine pecking order.
Step 5: Kill the enemy leaders at least 14 people into the chain of command.
Step 6: Get the hell out of the immediate area and find a place to lay low.
Step 7: Get as far away as possible.
Step 8: Go home and have a nice steak.

So those are my plans, I keep working to improve my plans for example at first I thought if WWIII started I join the army to fight but was like that's a good way to be put in a grunt job and be killed on the front lines, then I thought I would just go travel in to the woods and say screw it but i realized that that's just cowardly and if I'm able to do something I should.

So I've shared my plans for when the shit hits the fan what your plan or do you not see having a plan is really necessary?
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21 / Cold and High
Posted 8/20/15
Ready for battle?
Lets rumble!

ofc do like they do in the tent...
you know planning on this huge map and only tries to win in chess (forgot about any plans what so ever)
said the troll..
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53 / M / Bay Area
Posted 8/20/15
Being in the Area I live I always need to have flashlight, batteries, fresh water a small radio that runs on batteries maybe candles and canned goods. I have been in some big quakes and when the power goes it could be for a couple weeks not fun but a way of life for California.
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25 / M / Kaguya's Panties
Posted 8/20/15
Set the house on fire, leave everybody behind and just keep driving.
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22 / M / Earth
Posted 8/20/15
Otter Modder
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25 / M / Florida
Posted 1/26/17
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