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Hello Guys Kuchki94 Here And im here With a topic about naruto's Secrets and One of the most Notorious Ones is.
*Drum Roll*

Itachi vs Saske
Did Itachi Really Want his eyes? And Why didn't he Take them? Clearly he could have just gone "Hard" And most likely Killed him in the Process.
Go back to the episode in the naruto Series I dont know the episode off hand but watch the Naruto kid sasuke vs Itachi He said you don't have enough hate in your eyes. And madara had hate But they killed the closest people to them, and got the mangekyo, When that was over. They were one of the only people with mangekyo's so they werent drawn to another. Instead of ripping their eyes out. They chose to Take their vision. And Madara didnt know what to do. He loved his brother but they didn't share a bond as sasuke and itachi. Itachi was close to both shisui and Sasuke, Madara only was close to hashirama. And he was a Senju. So the one step down. Was perfect. Sasuke thought so but, this was a brother he raised. and trained till 7. He basically Raised him. His father understood when he got it from killing them. And as somewhat of a father he knew his father would be disappointed in him. And im guessing it reaches it end. It took him over but he came back. after seeing his brothers face like that. Scared how he was when he was killing his parents.... in Naruto they said when they love someone and that someone is taken from them. Hate grows stronger. if you notice itachi seen his face before he left and it was the same as before he died. He was crying because he knew. This was lead him down a bad road. and then in his final moments and realized The uchiha clan is all about passing things down. If you notice. In the senju clan, Most jutsu's were not passed down. But in the uchiha, Everything. I wouldnt even be surprised if they passed down a Cond*m xDDDDD (Joke btw) They didnt want to leave anything Untold and secrets Kept from the family. Because unlike the uchiha, They all were from the same Father and mother one point in time. Senju "Branched" With others Leaving some gaps in the tree.

Kanan VS Obito
Where did that eye come from? Its a really easy thing to answer.
Who was had the fastest eye Teleportation?
Cough Shisui Cough
NO YOUR WRONG DANZO SEALED HIMSELF!!! Did you forget that they had a piece of hashirama....? ;)

Not done but taking a break brb in 30 Mins Comment Fix the gaps and correct me. Call me stupid Idc Enjoy Reading and Making new friends
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