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First thing that comes to mind for social media websites
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25 / F / United States, DE
Posted 8/21/15
Facebook: Like mah status
Twitter: Too many hashtags and generally a waste of time
Instagram: Selfies and food
Snapchat: Like instagram, but worse
Tumblr: Lots of pictures, gifs, and feminists
Google+: What? People actually use that?
Deviant art: Naked women posing artistically, and cool fanart
Pinterest: DIY site for bored mothers
Vine: Short, hilarious videos that are so pointless but still funny
Youtube: You watch videos .... yeah
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M / NJ
Posted 8/21/15
Facebook: Connection to my cousins abroad.
Twitter: Deleted loong time ago.
Instagram: Gone
Snapchat: Considering deleting as well.
Tumblr: Forgotten
Google +: What in earth is this?
Deviant art: Some cool art.
Pinterest: Anything that interests me.
Vine: Cool 6 second videos.
Youtube: I love youtube.
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19 / Shit Orb #3
Posted 8/21/15
Facebook: It's time for another game of "Guess who's Homophobic!"
Twitter: My mom uses it to talk about Robert Pattinson..
Instagram: The website I don't feel like making an account for cause I don't care that much about people
Snapchat: Where everyone posts pictures of their friends and I post pictures of action figures
Tumblr: Shitty but hey there's some nice people sometimes
Google+: You can't sit with us. go away.
Deviantart: So much inflation porn oh my GOD
Pintrest: Tumblr for moms
Vine: Fuckin great
Youtube: For all my music video needs
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 8/21/15
Facebook: dropped that shit
Twitter: fandoms + drama all the time
Instagram: aesthetics
Snapchat: ugly faces
Tumblr: personal af
Google+: wtf is this
Deviant art: fanart?
Pinterest: use weheartit instead
Vine: attention whores
Youtube: my fav
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25 / F / Anime world...
Posted 8/21/15
Facebook : People I know in real life and where they share all their stuff
Twitter : A place where I express myself
Instagram : Selfies and foodies
Snapchat : Pictures with weirdass quotes
Tumblr : Political correct and sensitive
Google + : This sucks
Deviant art : Art?
Pinterest : I don't know how to use this
Vine : Short funny vids
Youtube : Videos to your heart's content.
Otter Modder
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25 / M / Florida
Posted 1/26/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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