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Posted 8/20/15
just wondering if anyone has tried them out, i do a lot of anime/games

i see them around 140$-ish, so i'd like to get some kinda review on how they sound for video and not just games before spending a monthly grocery budget on some headphones
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Posted 10/3/15
I would go for the razer Kraken 7.1 in my opnion they are the best I have ever used so far.
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Posted 10/17/15 , edited 11/26/15
Sound is alright. If I recall correctly (long time ago) sound is slightly worse then a Tritton 7.1.
But its still great. reccomend checking if your speaker settings are correct
(I put it from 16 bits 96000 Hz> 24 bits 192000Hz wich is queite significant)

Tough I'm overall pleased with the headset Its not perfect in my opinnion:

Good quality: Sound, 3D.


Arguably slightly uncomfortable
If you wear it to long/often it leaves a mark in you hairline (It isn't a tight fit but it leaves marks like one)
Sound is less then expected and altough the headset should adjust to any headsize it feels looser around the ears and firmer on top of your head then others.

Mic Breaks quick (and not great quality)

There is a scroll wheel witch adjust noise "bar" but is very quickly scrolled (on accident) Wich makes you lack on picking up certain noises/ switches all sound to one ear.

PS: Hope Its not to late of a responce for you But better look for a other one.
PPS: This is not hating on Razer, I'm a big fanboy but its just not the best headset out there.
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