Summer Madness Mystery Video Game Bundle - Playstation
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Posted 8/21/15
I came into this deal with the same low expectations of any mystery box... Example: most of the items you get from Loot Crate are junk. Eh, used to it.

That being said I have not ordered anything like this from CR before so just -maybe- it'll be awesome. They would send you a few items from your chosen brand and a bonus item. Awesome right?

CR staff are master trolls for sure. I have every console on the list but a PSP and what do I get?

I really like the shirt. Very nice quality. And with how expensive clothes are these days, $20 well spent in my opinion. I'll find someone in my neighborhood to donate these games to so I can be like State Farm.


Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/15/17
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