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Posted 8/21/15 , edited 8/22/15
Alright so as to jumpstart this group to promote my thoughts as to progress towards VR Technology I believe we should develop a "realistic" theory in regards to the control of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and to study it more as to how it works because what the goal we would like is the ability to send a conscious (State of Mind, Brain Waves, etc.) from the subject to its new host within a cyberspace developed through means of programming and research of developing a similar space in which for the brain waves to reside as to not interfere with its natural stasis like unto the human brain . However, this is also brings the study of the human brain into this as well.

In short what we should focus on as to promote the safety of the subject is the research of the human brain. Despite that there are plenty of scientists in the neuroscience field already working on such we should utilize what information that has been provided/posted/given to the public as a way to develop our said developments to consider later on.

- How are Brains Unique?
- Neurons?
- Central Nervous System vs. Processor Chip?
- Electromagnetic Pulses?
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Posted 8/21/15 , edited 5/15/17
The technology needs to be non-invasive. We wouldn't want anything like SAO, now would we? I think that Virtual reality could put more into reading signals sent from body to brain rather than completely fixed on our brain completely. Consider all the movement we have in dreams while our actual bodies stay still or barely moving. Now, consider people who Lucid dream or learn how to Lucid dream (which is still unproven but seems like it would be fantastic! I think within the minutes before waking up, we all begin to Lucid dream, but that's just my theory.) Obviously you hit it on the nail with needing more research on the brain, but I think the key lies in how humans work when sleeping, especially those who may claim to be able to Lucid dream in order to make the technology as non invasive as possible.
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