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Post Reply Is university worth it?
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Posted 8/23/15

DesuMaiden wrote:

Some people think university is one of the best investments you can make. However, I disagree, as I will present evidence to prove that university is not worth it.

It is not worth going deeply into debt for a university degree in any subject because this debt is likely going to be very difficult to pay back. For example, there is woman who burrowed a large sum of student loan debt (about $70,000). She was only able to pay off her student loans by taking money that would otherwise be used to pay the rent, but use it instead to pay for student loans. Therefore this person didn't have enough money to pay for their rent because they had to pay for student loans. As such, the person lost their home. If you can become homeless because of student loan debt, I think you should think twice before going to university. In short, university is simply too expensive for many people.

This person went into debt because she did not have a proper understanding of her own financial situation. You could say the same thing would happen had she gotten a loan for a car. Also, a university-level education does not require a loan as there are scholarship, fellowship, and work-study options.

What you have given is evidence that there are people who don't know how to manage money or are ignorant of opportunities that are available to them.

I do agree that the cost is prohibitive for many of the higher ranked schools but it is not a complete obstacle and there are free colleges out there.

Also, they teach you very little useful information in university. Most of the "information" they teach you in university is either trivial information or pure nonsense. For example, they taught me in a psychology course that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for decision-making. Yet, if you think about this claim critically, you will realize that there is zero evidence for it. So in other words, it is completely bunk!

Had you taken a course in logic you would realize that you just committed an anecdotal fallacy. Your experience with a single university course does not make the others any more or less useful than they actually are. Critical thinking is also not proof. It is entirely possible to think about something critically and come to the wrong conclusion, it's why we have the scientific method.

Most importantly, you can learn virtually everything these days without going to university. You can learn almost everything using the Internet. For example, I can learn computer programming and web design using the Internet. There is no point going to university to learn any skill that you can learn on your own via the Internet and books.

There are things that can't be learned from books and need to be practiced in an environment where mistakes can be caught and corrected without endangering others. We don't need another David Hahn.

Online learning is great but, one of the nice things about learning it at university is that not only do you learn what not to do, but why you don't do it without having to find out the hard (and sometimes very expensive) way. Wasting time fixing a problem you should know not to cause in the first place is worse than wasting time fixing a problem caused because the bosses upstairs didn't feel it was worth the expense.

Even if university was free, I still wouldn't go to it. University is not only a waste of money, but a huge waste of time and effort too. You are much better off doing something else with your time like starting your own business, working and/or working under an apprenticeship.

Using your same argument, since learning from books and the Internet is free, aren't you still wasting time and effort then? Also, many of us don't want to start our own business, an apprenticeship is only available for certain occupations, and working without a degree will only get you so far since many occupations require them at the higher levels.

Since university teaches you very little useful information, it is overly expensive and it is a waste of time, I believe it is ultimately not worth attending university.

You keep saying over and over how it is a waste of time and money but you haven't said anything that's actually proven that. All I can conclude from statements is that you don't value universities and feel that your money is better spent elsewhere. I acknowledge your point of view and respectfully disagree.
Posted 8/23/15 , edited 8/23/15
University is not the end of studying for many professions; straight after my degree in Finance and Economics, I had to do CIMA to become chartered. I never had the desire to learn, i tend to avoid anything that's not necessary but i did get a 1st. Getting a 1st isn't even a big deal because a lot of kids finish with a 1st. What makes you a big deal is the many other qualifications you can add to your list and who you know. If you feel like you don't want class based lessons.. then whatever, go for online classes but if you fail those, you have only yourself to blame.
In the future, i suspect that apart from primary schools, online classes will be prevalent but that doesn't mean Universities cease to exist as they are the providers [of online classes] in most cases. [I only focus on the fact that you do want some certification whether you you think universities are worth it or not]
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Posted 8/23/15
No, skip it
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Posted 8/23/15 , edited 8/23/15
as far as learning stuff goes, school is an antiquated method of education and should be done away with. but thats not the point of school.

school has nothing to do with learning anything at all. its simply a test to see if you possess a basic level of intellectual ability and competence as a human being, and can learn how to perform jobs in a reasonable amount of time which is what employers value. they don't expect you to start your job with a perfect understanding of everything already, that's why they train you. if you don't have a degree, nobody is going to take you seriously because u are just going to be viewed as mentally retarded and incompetent.
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Posted 8/23/15
Is it necessary? no

Is it worth it? only if you're not some lazy kid that sits on his or her ass all day

"O no, university sux, I make no good grades and now Im in debt, i should probably stop playing reague of regends now"

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Posted 8/23/15

Kavalion wrote:

PruBenAzul wrote:

My advice. Start at a community college. Get your AA. Take as many classes there as you can. Transfer to some bad ass university and spend like a semester or two to get a rad bachelor's degree. Then find a job that will pay for your master's degree. That's how you work and win the system.
Me? I did the opposite of this. (Mind you, I go to a bad ass school....but I started out at a bad ass school. Transferred to another bad ass school without obtaining an AA...switched my major my senior year and did a 180. Don't do what I did.)

But education is important. A bad ass school is important.

Sounds about right. Although, I don't think a top, expensive university is really necessary if you're getting good job experience already. My first job I got was based on only a couple Computer Science classes I had taken, so it's possible to get employed before finishing college. Which is a pretty good idea to avoid debt. Not that I had to worry about such things with my parents paying, but I imagine most people do.

Yes, I 100% agree. Experience always trumps education. You gotta be able to prove yourself because book smart isn't reality and companies know that. If you don't have the experience background to go on, a school with connections is awesome. Networking is huge and people fail to realize that fact.
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Posted 8/23/15
Depends on the person, one will only get out of university whatever one puts in. There is no better thing you can invest in than yourself. When it comes to education money should really be no object even if The United States' university system is fundamentally growing to be more and more broken. Yes, even liberal arts majors can find jobs so long as one doesn't believe that a piece of paper is going to be like a train pass for a job. The absolute best advice I've seen in here is to have a clear plan.
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