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Post Reply You have 1 year to live what do you do?
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18 / F / Tokyo
Posted 10/24/15 , edited 10/24/15
Make a bucketlist.

So mainly loads of stuff in Japan, concerts, every disney land park and stuff like that
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Posted 10/25/15
Bucket list I suppose.

If so, I'd want to climb up Mt. Mckinley (now Mt. Denali) and if possible, see Antarctica and climb Mt. Vinson Massif.
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20 / M / Tokyo/Seoul Bound
Posted 10/26/15
Travel to place I always wanted to visit for 6 months.
Have a sex/party month.
Spend with family month.
Spend two months with friends
Spend two months with a significant other.
That would be my plan/schedule.
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22 / M / England
Posted 10/26/15
Nothing would change.
Posted 10/26/15
Find mai duremu husbando and spend the remaining time with him. Have dates, eat out and have bed rattling sex. If I have only one year to live I'll just accept it instead of making a list or doing something I don't/can't enjoy.
Posted 11/28/15
none of the above
i would be doing the same thing i've been doing the past several months, waiting for an old friend
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