Will Gintama ever get a DVD box set?
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Posted 8/23/15 , edited 10/3/15
The episodes are already difficult to collect via DVD as they sell them 12 episodes at a time, so it begs the question "will there ever be a U.S. box set release of the first season"?

Honestly, I don't see why they haven't done it yet considering plenty of time has passed, they've done it in Japan, and it has enough popularity in the U.S. for it not to be a financial risk (I mean there are a lot of less popular anime that did really well over here and Gintama isn't a low-budget, tiny anime or anything).

However, knowing that it's Japan and it has taken this long, I'm very doubtful that we will ever see the day unless we get an anniversary box set.

So, any thoughts?

Edit: Not all the episodes are available on DVD, only a few of the first episodes ever aired, so collecting individual 12 episode sets as an alternative isn't a viable option. It's either streaming or no deal at this point.
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Posted 1/26/17
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