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Zombie Apocalypse Group RP?
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Posted 8/23/15 , edited 8/23/15
Hey, I was thinking about organizing a group Zombie Apocalypse roleplay. I used to be really big on RP on other websites, but I have been on a hiatus for a while. I'd like to get the creative juices flowing again and thought this would be a great way to start. But I'd like to know how many of you would actually be interested?

I'm a very organized and detail oriented person. Everyone would have a certain amount of points toward the statistics that they can customize to however they'd like their character to be--- this makes it so that no one is able to be too OP and everyone has their specialties so to speak. Regular participants get 600 points to work with, Team Leaders get 700. There can only be 1 Team Leader for each of the four factions, there can also be an assistant Team Leader who gets an extra 50 points, therefore 650. With 12 traits and not a lot of points to work with, choose your stats wisely.

I'd like to run it in a way that it's the beginning of the Apocalypse and people start off in one of four places: The Mall, The College: Library, The College: Gym, or Prison.

The stats would be as follows:

Intelligence: This decides how well your character can think during the tough situations. Often Team Leaders.

Cunning: How well your character can convince and manipulate other people, often silver tongued and witty.

Dexterity: How well your character can use their hands- this is useful for those who use guns, for accuracy as well as Engineering. (Example, a great Engineer with 0 Dexterity isn't as efficient as a great engineer with 100 dexterity.

Accuracy: How many bullets will you end up using to get the head-shot, bud?

Flexibility: Sometimes you'll be faced with physically taxing situations, how well can your body take it, crawling through that small vent?

Speed: How fast can you go?

Agility: Agility is different than speed, agility more decides things like acceleration and the speed of which you could do more mundane things, for example: chopping a carrot... or more useful, pulling a trigger.

Strength: How strong are you? Can you take a bat or a melee weapon to the field as opposed to a gun because of your physical prowess?

Bloodlust: How likely are you to kill another person if it is to your own advantage? (Yes, someone else COULD potentially kill your character, but the outcome of the battle is decided by the nature of the fight as well as the statistics. Therefore, no way to godmod your way through it.)

Engineering: Can you make weapons for yourself or others out of scraps?

Stealth: Can you sneak past a hoard of zombies?

Cargiving: Can you take care of others and yourself?

Those starting at the Mall would get +40 Engineering, the College Library gets +40 Intelligence, The College Gym gets +40 Strength, and the Prison gets +40 Bloodlust OR Engineering. That means that all of those traits can be maxed out at 140 as opposed to 100, only for people choosing starters in that area.

I hope at least a few are interested, if you are you can ask me any questions here! ^-^

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