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Student loans debacle:borrow more, promote nonpayment
Posted 8/24/15 , edited 8/24/15

With all the money provided by student loans, Colleges and Universities have no incentive to cut costs. Many students too take courses that cause them to go deeply in debt like "Feminist Studies" which provide little to no remuneration. Also, taking from some people to send other people's children to college is immoral and wrong

I agree. If they are to cut those courses and in effect cut some professors, they might need to lower the criteria required of students to take other [more beneficial to their eventual independence from debt] courses. To me, that will also benefit the companies that need the labor but because of a shortage, tend to increase the pay. Blue Oni also made a good point [i think a page back] about how there are some scholarships available and students are either not aware of them or are not taking up on what's on offer because they're finding they don't have the time or it's not easy to find. [personally don't see why they are making it hard when they are not offering a lot, feels like they do it out of spite].
In the UK, my sister did but win[?] a scholarship to study the course she's interested in [din't need to apply, they called to show they were interested]. I'm thinking scholarships are offered to students that will eventually get higher than expected grades so they would tend to apply for more reputable universities because now they can set their eyes on a bigger university. So if this is true, the lowering of the criteria requirement of students in order to study a course of their choice from the more reputable universities can have more reaches by even affecting scholarships dished out, which will eventually decline. Could this then also mean that students try harder to gain any scholarship? Donations to universities should then go to the scholarships availability primarily [especially if it is an incentive for students to work harder to compete for them in a more level playing field after the lowering of certain criteria to universities previously impossible to get in] if not already. This will all support the shift away from students doing subjects of no use towards them doing the subjects that will help them cope with the many loans they will have to take through out their lives such as mortgages.
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Posted 8/24/15

biscuitnote wrote:

This is disturbing news. This system encourages people to borrow more student debt and then promote non payment. People who should pay back get to walk away from their debt and likely never understand how to pay back loans. Then banks can encourage them to borrow more.

Americans have become infants, babies, children who want more but can't control themselves.

The irony of the situation: The graduate students ARE TAXPAYERS. They will be contributing back into the system for the rest of their lives.

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Posted 1/26/17
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