New F-Zero Game/Series idea
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Posted 8/23/15 , edited 8/23/15
I'm sorry but I haven't actually played the originals since I was little so I don't remember any story or lore, but these recent events with SSB Captain Falcon and the new Wii U title "Fast Racing Neo" F-Zero lookalike made me think up a story. Sorry if it sounds stupid lol but I thought it sounded kinda cool

A summary of the story progression

1. Starts off with You (the player) wanting to get into racing. You do well as a rookie and doing very well running 300-500 km/h races.
2. You move up and things start getting tougher. Rivalries get more serious, and a need for speed begins. Races running from 500-1000 km/h.
3. By the skin of your teeth you break into the highest of leagues and things become deadly serious, race tracks span the whole planet at upwards of 5000 km/h, and a new ambition sets in to get even faster as well as a new rival that refuses to be slower than you.
4. Things happen with new tech/vehicle upgrades (can't think of anything atm haha) and you & your rival's need for speed/competition breaks unbelievable speeds of 100,000's of km/h spanning the whole solar system.
5. Shortly afterwards you both reach speeds breaking through time and space and the galaxies themselves become the race tracks with a speed so high it was indefinite and thus just labeled as Speed: F-Zero. Whatever happens from there on is up to the imagination.

I just thought an over the top and ludicrous need-for-speed story fitted the F-Zero name very well and would be really cool seeing a racing game break out of a generic story/setting like that. I know it's stupid lol and I'm not much of a story writer but it just sounded too cool for me to keep swirling around in my head.
What do you guys think?

Edit: Idk why but the song "You Will Know Our Names" seemed like a badass song to play just before the sail the galaxies, especially when the chorus kicks in xP okay I'll shut up now.
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