Recommendations for Japan!~
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Posted 8/24/15
O hai gais

I'm going to Japan in October for two weeks (yes two weeks only ) and was wondering for those who have been or frequents, how much YEN do you think I will need?

Also if you could please also let me know where or what I should visit!

Below is currently some of the places I have looked into, please let me know if they are worth while!

- Tokyo
- Ghibli Museum
- Ramen Museum
- Tokyo Ramen Show
- Disney Sea
- Tokyo Skytree
- Meji Jingu Shrine Autumn Festival
- Mt Fuji
- Kyoto
- Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
- Nara Deer Park
- Hiroshima Mountain
- Rabbit Island
- Osaka Castle
- Ohikati Fire Festiva

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Posted 8/24/15 , edited 8/26/15
Hey hey,

Yes, I frequent Japan myself so I'll be happy to give you some advice.
I would like to have some more advice from you first to help you make a schedule as two weeks is not a lot.

First off; where will you be staying for those two weeks? One place, several places?
Have you ordered a Japan Rail Pass? If not, do so! It'll cost a fair share, but it will save you a lot of money if you plan to see a lot of things posted above.

For now I'll comment on the places you posted in red:

- Tokyo Tokyo is large, many of the below posted sites are in Tokyo like the Ghibli museum.
- Ghibli Museum Definitely YES!
- Ramen Museum If you like Ramen, I'm not really a ramen lover so not for me.
- Tokyo Ramen Show See above
- Disney Sea Yes
- Tokyo Skytree YES! Although i hope the levels of smog are lower in October. This was my view 2 weeks ago with clear weather.

- Meji Jingu Shrine Autumn Festival If there's a festival going, I definitely recommend going!
- Mt Fuji Save this one for another vacation
- Kyoto Make sure to plan several days for this, like Tokyo there is a LOT to see here!
- Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine YES!
- Nara Deer Park Yes, but take a whole day to explore this village, it's beautiful
- Hiroshima Mountain Do you mean Miyajima? If so, definitely YES! Keep in mind that if you stay in Tokyo that this may be a very long trip.
- Rabbit Island Naw
- Osaka Castle I recommend Himeji, Himeji is the last and only still traditional castle in Japan, Osaka castle is a concrete rebuild like all the others.
- Ohikati Fire Festiva Yes, see comment about the other.

As for Yen... very hard to say.
Food wise you can get around with 2000 Yen per day but with anywhere between 3500 to 5000 Yen per day you'll live like a king.
Anime: Don't buy anime in Japan! DVDs and Blu Ray are insanely expensive, even on the second hand market and most isn't subbed.
Manga: If you're a good reader check Book-Off and other second hand stores for bargains, otherwise don't bother. I personally collect art books, which are very reasonably priced in Japan, even new.
Other Merch: use your discretion.
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Posted 8/24/15 , edited 8/26/15
I've been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Mt. Fuji in 10 days, including some quick stops in other cities.

Definitely visit Tokyo, Kyoto (especially Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine), Mt. Fuji (as well as Owakudani in Hakone) and Nara. I wanted to visit the Ghibli museum too but didn't get a chance to see it last time. My cousins went and said it was awesome.

Food prices are around 400 to 800 yen for like a bowl of udon or ramen.
Temple/shrine entrance fees are either free or ~ 400-600 yen.
In Kyoto, a one day bus pass = 500 yen or a regular price = 230 yen.
In Tokyo, subway prices ~ 100 to 200 yen (one way).
Bullet train ticket from Kyoto to Tokyo ~ 13000 yen.

You can check out this super detailed online guide for more info.
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Posted 8/25/15 , edited 8/26/15
It really depends which side of Japan you are most interested in. If you are mainly interested in anime and other aspects of otaku culture you could just stay in Tokyo the whole time and never be bored. It's a huge place. Kyoto is more historical and educational for me it's not a huge deal but if you like history and culture it's a good visit to go. Tons of shrines. Don't bother with Disney it's just the same as any of the American parks.

In Tokyo try Yoyogi Park in Shibuya/Harajuku. Shibuya is also a great place for shopping and you can see the famous crossing. It's a hang out for a lot of students so there are many clubs and live houses. Harajuku and Yoyogi Park on a Sunday is good for seeing various street fashions and sub cultures meet up there are always neat things to see. Takeshita Street In Harajuku offers some cool stores selling a variety of cute things and weird and wonderful clothing. There is also a really huge 100yen store that sells all kinds of things. Lots of places to eat etc.. Also a very famous shrine is here if you want to see culture stuff.

If you are interested in anime/manga merch head to Nakano Broadway it's a mall dedicated to that kind of stuff you can find a lot of second hand stores selling figures for next to nothing plus hundreds of manga stores. It's much better than Akihabara for this stuff. Akihabara is fun but kinda expensive. Head here for arcades and maid cafes if you want to see one. There are several maid cafes with girls who speak some English trying to get foreign customers in just be careful you pay what you should be paying some may "accidentally" charge you wrong. Use a calculator so you know what you should be paying.

If you plan to travel around Japan to visit Kyoto,Osaka etc I recommend getting one of these http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/.

For travel around Tokyo you can buy a Suica card which can be bought and topped up from the various machines at stations all over Tokyo. You don't have to keep buying tickets that way just swipe and takes the fare off the card. Plus you can also get your name put on it and keep it as a souvenir.

Be very careful of Nigerians in Tokyo. These can mainly be found in the Kabukicho red light area of Shinjuku (Famous robot cafe also located here) and Roppongi. There are many touts who will try to get you to come in clubs and bars offering you free drinks and women for low prices. Never go anywhere with them numerous people get scammed by them. Normally they charge huge prices for drinks and then bully you into paying the bill or they'll follow you to the police box and after discussion tell you that getting lawyers involved is expensive and lower their price to settle but it's still 10 times what you should be paying! Some worse cases where people have been drugged and paid huge credit card bills and had money stolen have also happened and it's not just Gaijin this happens to. Some can also be found in Harajuku selling counterfeit goods and scamming people on the streets.

Don't eat or drink at places that don't have a menu. They normally have a menu with prices outside so you can see what things cost. Most food places have pictures of dishes if you don't know Japanese you can see what things are.
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Posted 8/26/15
Thank you all for your contributions~!
I'll definitely take note of all your recommendations and plan accordingly! :D

And also thanks for letting me know some of the dangers in Japan! (won't be going to that area)!
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Posted 8/26/15

xAzureSkyZ wrote:

Thank you all for your contributions~!
I'll definitely take note of all your recommendations and plan accordingly! :D

And also thanks for letting me know some of the dangers in Japan! (won't be going to that area)!

The areas are find to go to Shinjuku has a lot of entertaining areas like golden gai which is a small alley like area filled with tiny bars. A lot of them have different themes and it's fun to explore. Kabukicho has a ton of food venues,arcades and entertainment but just don't pay attention to touts on the streets. It's worth a visit but you can do fine with never going there. Roppongi has a lot of places that cater to foreigners but I see it as expensive and scummy. Some people seem to really like it but it's really like a Las Vegas for Japan.
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Posted 1/23/17
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