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Posted 8/24/15 , edited 8/25/15
I feel as though I should be happy as to how Gurren Lagann ended but for some reason it just makes me so sad.

While the remaining members of Team Gurren Lagann seem to be doing what they love, they all appear to be alone. This is especially focused towards Simon and Yoko.

The creators of the show explained some years ago that they were "satisfied with how they ended the show" and originally tried to make the ending more of a "happy ever after" type thing but said they "knew they couldn't end it that way." I have to respect the creators going against the norm but in this case (especially for me) this would have been the one show I WOULD have wanted to have a cliche "happily ever after" ending because of how much I felt for the characters - particularly after what they sacrificed and went through during the last few episodes.

While Simon overcame the death of Kamina and gracefully accepted Nia's I think he had the hardest loss of anyone from any show I can remember watching, and I feel so bad for him. As I mentioned above, I felt for him along with other members of Team-GL so I was at a loss for words during the last few episodes. I think it was an injustice for him to end up alone - a wanderer, who the world seems to have forgotten about. He, along with the rest of Team-GL lost their loved ones to save the rest of the worlds, a decision I don't know if I could ever comprehend. Losing the ones that mean the most to you to save the ones that mean everything... to everyone else. That is a choice that seems like something out of a religion.

Theres no doubt that the ending is poetic and beautiful, but I just can't help but feel distrought that Simon and Yoko end up alone. I was so happy when Yoko fist showed interest in Kamina - a true hero and I was so shocked to see him killed because I was so looking forward to watching their relationship blossom (C'mon, they were PERFECT for each other!). Simon, someone who hadn't been liked by many while underground also found his true love, only to lose her after so many years together and after literally drilling though the Heavens to get her back.

While the ending was thorough, (I have to give extreme props to the creators for not ending everything happy) I can't help but wish it had ended differently as this is the one anime I feel DESERVED a happy ending. I can only hope that one day they decide to make a sequel or some type of continuation because I can't live with how the show ended now. It's beautiful, but tragically sad.

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