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makuranodanshi - a kid?!
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Posted 8/25/15

kdroberts wrote:

Think of the fictional children, Japan

But they are thinking of the fictional children... a lot. And it makes them kind of horny.
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Posted 8/26/15

GoodLube wrote:
The use of the word "hot" is absolutely correct.
In Japanese, "ikemen" (in the right red box) is used to mean a sexually attractive male.

Well... I guess we're going to hell now...

It's not incorrect, but certainly a very Western interpretation. A more accurate translation would be "handsome".
1. "Ikemen" does not carry sexual connotations. It's used to mean a guy has a good looking face.
2. Seeing as how conservative the Japanese culture is, it's unlikely that they would go around calling people "hot".

That aside, I still find it odd they include a little kid in this anime, given how um suggestive the opening is. I watched it on a whim and was majorly creeped out by the first few episodes. But the ridiculous violin guy had me cracking up. The following episodes also made me laugh a lot, and cringe a lot. Some moments are pure comedic gold. Then came this one. I braced myself for the worst but it didn't "go there" as I feared. It's more like you're babysitting the little kid. So there you have it. Calm your pitchforks, people.
Otter Modder
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Posted 8/4/16
OP nuked, closed.
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