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Wow just wow
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Posted 8/24/15
Whelp here come's another SOPA
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Posted 8/24/15
Would they really waste tax payers money on this? its just stupid
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suffering for art
Posted 8/24/15 , edited 8/24/15
Didn't they just scrap this very law?

Not to say they won't try churning another one like it out of their putrid bowels, but I hate to inform you guys that they've been trying to criminalize a variety of things categorized under "free use" since SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. Even if all of them were scrapped too.

Theres a very low liklihood that any of these types of laws will be passed in the future, seeing as how they breach preeexisting copyright law in favor of what could basically be summed up as Corporate Greed, or rather Corporate control, corporate dominance. Lawmakers don't tend to sympathize enough with corporate greed to pass these, regardless of how handsomely they're paid.

never mind the fact that even if this gets by one council it'll probably be vetoed to hell by another. So don't necessarily worry too much, the corporations can try paying everyone off so that any usage, even fair, of their content can be criminalized under these laws, but more lawmakers are rocks than you'd think, who can't be swayed by money or reward. They vetoed SOPA and the other like laws thy tried to pass under the table, even if this one IS still being considered remember that the chance of it passing, at all, is very very low.
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Posted 8/25/15

artgal1 wrote:

Im stunned man. What are your opinions on this? Honestly i think this is BS.

Srsly, if they make this a law..

Gyava wrote:

Morbidhanson wrote:

I need to read the proposed law in this entirety. This seems a little ridiculous on its face and from the summaries to be the whole picture.

also, where did the other thread about this go

v thank you person below

Closing this because there's already a thread about it. Please contribute your thoughts in the other thread.


Folks, when you notice a duplicate topic please report it to moderators, so that it can be closed before too many folks post in it.

artgal1, when starting a thread please make it more clear in your title and your opening post whAt the thread is about. An unidentified link with no hint what the link goes to is not a good start.
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