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After re-watching some of these, I have 5 points and 5 questions to discuss. These will not be in chronological order.

1. The Music-

I believe without Ron Wasserman, the series would lose a few points in its overall rating. The music always got me jumping off my couch and ready to go. (I even have a few songs saved in my ipod when I workout.. The Tenga song is very catchy from season 3 my all time fave was COMBAT- although as I kid I though they said COMEBACK lol) It was unfortunate the fights in Zeo didnt have his music. (Although I believe some of his melodies played during zord fights)

2. The original cast

I feel bad for kids who watch the show nowadays. Dino Thunder had a few side characters that reminded me of Bulk/Skull and Ernie, but I mean what an incredible original cast. Does anyone know why Trini, Zack, Jason left the first time? That brings me up to my next point.

3. The Movie.

The movie was enjoyable (as well as the sound track, but I wish Ron Wasserman could have had a song or 2 in it). I just think this movie would have been better had Jason and others stayed. Someone said it was about money, and if it was thats a shame ;(

4. Season 2 prime time.

I remember watching this as a kid back when it first aired. I got chills when they took on the new breed of Putties and the Piranha froze the swords. Such a great story for kids! I still have the Cable Guide special too with MMPR on the cover. Lord Zedd was such a great villian, but I believe the voice made the character. Whoever voiced Lord Zedd was wonderful.

5. Live On Stage

I was lucky to have my dad and uncle surprise my brother and cousin to this show in Chicago.What a great time! I never got to go to the turtles live, but this one was so much fun! IT was great when they asked the crowd to show "more light" with our reflectors we were given when we entered the arena. I felt like a true superhero helping the rangers out!

6. Rito Revolto.

I dunno if this is official but I believe he voices the Principal in GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) They both sound 100% alike! I love this character. He was the reason I kept watching season 3. Kim left and they was sad, but I did enjoy his comedy. Especially when he calls Zedd "ED"

7. Red Ranger Power

I did not like the fact they lost the Dinozords for Morphing. They had the same costumes and lost the dinosaurs and just said "Red Ranger Power" I didnt feel that was cool at all.

8. So many mini-series.

This is a huge contributing factor to its success. The "TO BE CONTINUED?" always got me so excited for the next show! Especially the Island of Illusion,

9. Green Ranger

Is there any truth to kids not leaving their bedroom and crying when the Green Ranger left the series? I heard something about this before, but I never looked up the story. If anyone knows more or a link kindly show me.

10. Bulk/Skull

It's funny because as you grew older, you realized Bulk/Skull were pretty much every kid you went to High School with. Loads of pranksters at my school.

There are many many more points I'd love to discuss regarding these so feel free to PM me to chat power rangers. I stopped watching after Turbo when Tommy and Kat left for good. But I did watch the episode where Zordon finally dies :(.. the red ranger reunion episode.. and the newest reunion episode.

I wish all the Mighty Morphin would all come back somehow (RIP Trini)

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