RULES, MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 8/25/15 , edited 8/27/15
BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL PLAYERS: treat people as you wish to be treated, and if you want to be treated badly then be mindful of other people and be respectful towards them, abuse, bullying and being mean will NOT be tolerated

DO NOT USE QUOTE PYRAMIDS: delete previous quote's and avoid quote pyramids at all cost's

NO GOD MODDING: be fair and respectful to other people, if you don't like how the battle is turning out then talk about it or don't battle to avoid these situations

NO BULLYING: bullying is not allowed, we would like all members to get along nicely with each other and be friends

MAX CHARACTERS ALLOWED TO BE MADE: the maximum characters you can create for this group is 4 characters

STRICTLY PG-13 ONLY, NO SEXUAL CONTENT: sexual content is strictly prohibited and will most certainly NOT be tolerated

TALK ABOUT BATTLES AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND CHOOSE A WINNER BEFORE HAND TO AVOID ARGUMENTS AND FALLOUT'S: we would like to avoid arguments and fallout's as best as possible a friendly group is a more funner and more active group

now let's all get out there, have some fun, make new friends and get some role playing done it's time to RP people

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