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Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15
I'm gonna keep this short and simple. The rules are:

1. Don't be an asshole; keep things civil, and try to treat others with respect. Remember the golden rule.

2. There are no rules on swearing, but certain words (i.e. slurs and derogatory terms) will not be tolerated.

3. You can honestly talk about whatever you want, be it games, anime, butts, etc.

4. Any forum post about an NSFW subject must have [NSFW] in the title. I personally don't have an issue with these kinds of posts, but other people might, so try to be considerate.

5. Have fun! I mostly created this group as a way for people to make friends without leaving the house and entering the view of that horrible thing called the sun, so try to keep a positive atmosphere.
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