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The Dark Web!
Posted 8/27/15 , edited 8/27/15

furytime wrote:

KarenAraragi wrote:

People just give me the link to the dark web or deep wed and I go myself. I may even show screenshot if within CR rules.
Also I have Norton. So viruses be fuck. And yes I make sure not to click anything.

That sounds like a pretty bad idea mate

I just found DAFU LOVE....... The hell is going on there
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Posted 8/27/15 , edited 8/27/15

The deep web is what the internet was originally, unfiltered, uncensored, unsupervised, and unprotected.
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Posted 8/27/15 , edited 8/27/15

Polaris29 wrote:

The deep web is pretty much just sites that a search engine cannot access because the websites block access. Most of the deep web is innocuous. To access these sites you need to be on a private network that the site accepts, and Tor is just one of these private networks.
A large percentage of the deep web is probably just private websites for normal companies or other random boring stuff. For example, companies have private networks for their employees, the US Navy uses Tor for secure communication, journalists use Tor to communicate with whistleblowers, and people in countries with tyrannic governments use Tor to talk about issues.

But pretty much the deep web in a nut shell is "Unable to connect. Firefox can't establish a connection"

This is everything you need to know about the dark web really, anything past that is internet nonsense and horror stories.

Personally this thread started off on the wrong foot and features a few too many people asking about if you actually can buy human slaves on dark web sites for my taste. Discussion of chopping people up to serve as sex slaves (even if fake), is not appropriate for CR even behind spoiler blocks.

Locked and closed.
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