Introductions are in order
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Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15
I think it's important for a group like this to have a page like this.
So say "Hello!"
Tell everyone what you like!
Have the best introduction!
And don't forget!
Have fun!
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Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15
Hi there! I'm Canner, the guy who created the group! I like pretty much anything in terms of, well, just about everything! I watch all kinds of anime, I play all kinds of games, and listen to (almost) all kinds of music! I hope to get along with anyone who joins the group and I just want everyone to be friendly with each other!

I consider myself to be a pretty upbeat person, so I don't get mad that often, but that doesn't mean I don't get mad at all, so try not to get on my bad side haha.
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Posted 10/16/15 , edited 10/17/15
Hello, I am Kikio. I'm new to the Group/Forum side of Crunchyroll, having just used it to watch anime, so apologies in advance if I step on any toes.

A bit about myself: My favorite anime genre is dark, mystery/horror; my favorite game genres are RPGs and visual novels; I like a wide variety of different types of music; and I enjoy reading traditional novels.

I look forward to getting to know you all.
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