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Name:(Put the name)
Gender(Boy, or girl)
Holding:(Erebos-Telekinesis-Darkness, Photo-Teleportation-Light, Pyro-Super strength-Fire, Aqua-Super speed-Water, Terra-Endurance-Earth, Areo-Flight-Air, Fulgur-Enhance-Lightning, Nix-Enhance-Snow, Amare-Enchant-Love, and Adamas-Super Defense-Diamond)
Class:(K.S. recruit, or holder student.)
Personality:(What are they like?)
Bio:(Backstory, how did they get their hands on a trinket-,must be a ring, locket, necklace, bracelet, hair clip, or pin.)
Picture:(What do they look like?)
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Shiro Kaname

Age - 16

Race - Human

Gender - Female

Hobbies - Singing, star gazing, reading, eating candy

Holding - Aqua Super Speed

Class - Holder Student

Personality - Shiro is a kind, thoughtful, but shy and dense 16 year old girl. She always gets afraid of crowds and other people. Even thought she is very short for her age. Shiro is quite powerful and is diligent in fighting and long range magic. Since Shiro is a manga reading fan, she often fantasizes and hopes for someone to be her one and only love.

Bio - Shiro always hated the sea When she was little, something about the sea scared her. All the mysteries about the sea have yet to be discovered, but not by Shiro of course. For this reason is because before her parents died by a sea monster, they gave her a white hat that gave her Aqua super speed. Her parents wanted miki to see the beauty and wonders of the sea that they did. Which gave Shiro her Light blue mint hair. As she was battling with people, someone scratched her left eye, leaving Shiro blind on her left side. She covered her scratched blind eye with bangs and bandages.

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Name: Talia Hime

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Holding: Photo

Class: Holder Student

Personality: Troublemaker ~ Mischievous ~ Playgirl

Bio: Even at her young age, she's a serious playgirl, messing with men and taking advantage of them then leaving them. She's always been alone, so she uses men to get what she needs and wants. The crown on her forehead has the power of Photo inside of it, and she got it as a gift from one of her "boyfriends". She also likes to make trouble generally, whether stealing or pulling a prank. She often uses Photo to teleport and scare people or help with her pranks and stealing, and also to impress men. She was never told what not to do since she didn't have her parents around to, so as a result she became who she is today.

Picture: See pictures (I felt like doing multiple so... yeah)
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Name:Carlotta Arachnae
Class:K.S recruit
Personality: Carlotta was always a smart and curious girl, one who liked knowing how things work. But after she.became an Erebos holder she became slightly more...morbid. Carlotta thinks that K.S is an entity that signifies the end of the world, and that everyone should just give up and accept it. For this reason, she looks down at the people who fight K.S as idiots.
Bio: raised by two college professers, Carlotta lived a very normal life. She was always at the top of her class and excelled at all things of the mind. Because of her quiet, unapproachable, nature she never really had any friends, choosing instead to delve herself into her studies. Then she found the cloak and its clasp. The cloak clasp had the power of erebos and when she put it on, her old self was gone. She went insane and murdered her parents; she then disappeared. With her newfound powers and insanity, Carlotta joined K.S.
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