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Supernatural/paranormal experiences?
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Posted 8/28/15 , edited 8/28/15
I also witnessed this event back when i was young. It was night and I was outside with my friends by the hangout place under the tree. Pretty far out so very little electric light bleeding into the background. Moon was full or close to it, i can't remember. All i remember clearly was there was something in the sky. It was bumpy and was shadow black. It looked like a bunch of grapes with a spike like pole to it's side. It passed by the moon and we all saw it clearly in all it's black strangeness. Being shit kids that we were, we just thought it was normal.

To this day, i still have no fucking clue as to what that was. Too big to be a bunch of baloons and it's movement was too mechanical.

Oh well, i may never know.
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Posted 8/28/15 , edited 8/28/15

amr2510 wrote:

Rinnybean wrote:

I always question whether my ability to see/hear or sense spirits is because my Great Grandmother played with an Ouija board a few months before I was born. She became very ill and claimed that a black man visited her at night (meaning shadow man but her unfortunate description of him was "the black man, he is all black with no eyes."), she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and died when I was 5 years old. I've always been able to see or hear spirits, but it's not something I indulge in and I try to stay away from all things paranormal. Thankfully, apart from seeing the odd dead person here and there, I've lived a very normal, happy life. Nobody believes me if I tell them, but it doesn't bother me, it helps me forget about it and pretend that it doesn't happen.

Yeah ever since that experience myself with EVPs, I can now hear the sounds their electromagnetic frequencies make when they are near, and whether they are malicious are not. I still prefer to hear it rather than see something. What do the dead look like to you though? I'm curious

Most of the time they look like what you see on TV, shadow people or an orb (not fake ones, a real orb glows bright and has a tail like a meteorite behind it as it floats). I see them as full bodied apparitions, like another living person, but they don't have eyes, the light just shines through their eye sockets. My Grandma always said they eyes are the window to the soul, but what happens when you become the soul after death? So that's why I think they don't have any eyes. Whenever you see a ghost video or photograph where the eyes are just glowing white because it's just light shining right through them, it is probably real. Not a lot of people have caught onto that fact, apart from maybe other sensitives (word used to describe people who see the dead), so it would be unlikely that people would photoshop them that way in my opinion.

If you continue your ghost investigations your senses will become much more in-tune with the other side and I'm sure you will be able to see/hear more, perhaps not to the extent of someone born with it, but closer than you want to be trust me lol
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Posted 8/29/15 , edited 8/30/15
From 1st grade until sometime in middle school I would always hear weird noises in my dad's house. Only there, and no where else. After everyone was asleep at like 2am I would hear what sounded like a woman humming in my room. I would also hear strange knocking/scratching sounds all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. It sounded like they were in my room and sometimes were so loud that they'd wake me up in the middle of the night. Whenever someone would approach my room the noises would stop, as if they were hiding.

It got so bad I was terrified to sleep in my room and I would always hide under the covers and made sure to keep my face hidden. I remember that the noises would keep me awake and after telling the "ghosts" aloud to "go away" they would stop. Sometimes they came back after a few weeks/months? but as long as I told them to go away then they would. Eventually they stopped completely.

Another one-time incident was the only sort of "visual ghost" that I encountered in the same house. Mostly things happened at night but sometimes things happened in broad daylight or anytime really. One early morning, 5am? I walked downstairs and in the kitchen I saw this male all white see-through figure standing there staring at me. I think he was floating? He seemed to be dressed in some sort of army garb. He was there for a few seconds, then moved off to the left so quickly that he vanished into the dark before I could process it.

Due to the happenings I would read ghost books from the elementary school library and there was something which stated that ghosts like to prey on the innocent, mostly children, so I wondered if they stopped because I got older. Oddly enough I remember telling kids in my middle school class about my experiences and a few said that similar things happened to them. I am being 100% about all of this, I was traumatized for years in that house.
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Posted 8/30/15 , edited 8/30/15
Once, I was sitting outside, I'd say it was about 12 AM and I don't remember why I was out so late. I remember I had such an uncomfortable feeling and I felt as if I shouldn't turn around, the weird thing is that it was eerily quiet.

Usually my dog would be by my side or the others would bark for whatever reasons they had, so I figured that maybe I should take a look behind me and then make a run for it to the house. I looked, and all I saw was this black shadow, it was the shape of a man. I knew it wasn't human.

It was just scary, It was also too quiet and still. I froze, I couldn't even stand after seeing that. But it still did nothing, and I got increasingly uncomfortable. Eventually I ran back to the house and was too scared to look back, but I never saw it again after that experience.

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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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