Deathnote - Who is the better L?
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Deathnote - Perhaps one of the best anime / mangas to ever exist. It focuses on the story of Light Yagami, an aspiring student who believes in the value of justice, but also harbors a belief that justice does not exist even though such a system is implemented. All this changes when a mysterious notebook called a "Death note" falls out of the sky, and he notices it. After confirming it's power to kill people, he begins his own crusade of justice, named Kira by the anonymous people that praise him, but he finds himself in a battle with the genius detective "L", and what ensues is a battle over who's sense of justice reigns.

There are many descriptions of this series, and everyone can agree that this series is the best. And since the drama has come out, we see another interpretation of this ever popular series by Tsugumi Ohba. With different interpretations come different opinions, much like the question of whether Kira was right or wrong in the series. So, focusing on the live action versions, here's one character you can pass judgement on....the genius detective L Who's the more superior one, the one from the movies (Kenichi Matsuyama) or the one from the recently debuted drama (Kento Yamazaki)?

Since I've started this thread, I'll give you my perspective first. Since I started watching the drama, it comes as no surprise that I have noticed more than "a few" things that were different. In the case of L a.k.a Ryuzaki, the movies does a little better staying true to the anime / manga. In fact, the movies, save for a few moments in the plot where it sort of advances with a slight change a couple times, still surprisingly holds up......except for movie no. 3 which basically was completely original given the movies.

Now the drama, and I found myself face palming a bit. The characters changed a little too drastically, as Light was mild-mannered college student, Misa Amane seemed dumber in this version compared to the anime / manga, and Soichiro Yagami just doesn't seem as invested in his job. Sure he's a Deputy Police Chief and has a sense of justice, but he doesn't seem like he's well dedicated in the drama as the manga / movie.

Anyway, the character in question for this topic is L from the live action versions. Again who is better? I'm throwing my lot in with the original, the one potrayed so well in the anime / manga & movies. The one in the drama doesn't exactly come off as weird. He does have a little bit of the eccentric genius motif when he solves cases, although he does have a little bit of an arrogant side that's more apparent then having weird customs. Trading sweets for juice pouches ( really, what's in that stuff? Brain food? ), and he doesn't sit like the original (meaning his deducing goes down by 40% or whatever he said in the anime / manga), and as I said, he has a far more arrogant personality (Don't believe me? Watch Episode 8 again).
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Matsuyama's L. Like you, I also find that the new L is a little bit of an arrogant nitxD.
Posted 8/30/15
I've watched many detective shows since my first time watching Death Note and L's abilities don't measure up. L no longer seems like a genius
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Posted 9/11/15
The one from the drama is I think really great and does a really good job of making L his own while still capturing the persona of L. In the drama he is captured as incredibly childish which is something the L from the movies didn't give off as much.
Honestly though if your looking for the L that came of the anime/manga your gonna be leaning more to the L from the movies and not the L from the drama who is from an alternate universe.
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Posted 9/22/15
both are good.
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End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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