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So, I haven't watched an anime in 20 years... Where to start?
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Posted 8/30/15 , edited 8/31/15
By genre...

Tokyo Ghoul
Higurashi (When They Cry)
Ookami Kakushi

Science Fiction
Guilty Crown
Black Bullet
Soul Link

Macross/Robotech/Gundam (the mainstays never stopped coming out and each has many new series)
Buddy Complex
Linebarrels of Iron
Valvrave the Liberator
M3: The Dark Metal

Mayo Chiki
Food Wars!
Yamada's First Time

Angel Beats
Say I Love You
Looking Up at the Half-moon
Usagi Drop aka Bunny Drop)

Case Closed
Kindaichi Case Files Returns
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Fantastic Detective Labyrinth
Ryoko's Case Files
Ghost Hunt
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Posted 8/31/15 , edited 8/31/15

Diogethonyarre wrote:

Very simple post, the last animes I've watched were Ghost in the Shell, Akira and Urotsukidoji as well as about half of a series here or there (the only one I remember was Reideen, which ran on a German pay-TV station, something about a teenager boy band being turned into bird-powered super-fighters).

Currently I feel a bit overwhelmed at the selection, and I simply don't know where to start... I like some good humor, Punchline got me here, but that doesn't seem to be available yet... some perverted additions are never wrong as long as the storyline is good.

So if you have any suggestions, I'd love you forever!
Detroit Metal City
Prison School
Hajime no Ippo
Fullmetal Alchemist 
Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis
Sword of the Stranger (movie)
Black Lagoon
Hellsing Ultimate
Perfect Blue (movie)
The first 8 or so are comedy focused except for Ippo which a has a lot of comedy on the side. I included it in that section because the comedy in it is god tier. A couple of these that I haven't linked might be available on Crunchyroll to you but not to me due to region block.
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Posted 9/1/15 , edited 9/2/15
The flood gates have opened!
I'm always amazed by just how many responses you
get when you ask for Anime or Manga recommendations.

If you are looking to be more anime "cultured", then I would
say you should take the advice of a few people here and
start with a few older, classic series and then some newer, popular series.

I admit, I'm... not very anime cultured. (I have a hard time getting into most
new/popular series)
Most of the stuff I originally liked was stuff I watched
when I was a kid, and most newer stuff I like is either popular
shounen (One Piece, Gintama) or less popular, more out of the way
stuff. (Akagi, Kaiji, Case Closed, etc..)

Here are some of the reccomendations I, as an uncultured fan of anime, can give you.

If you are more into seinen (adult targeted) anime, and like stories that
are mostly grounded in reality, try Monster. I have not watched the Anime,
but the manga was great.

Another good seinen series, assuming you are as relaxed about
your animation style as I am, is Kaiji. It's a somewhat psychological
gambling anime. Unfortunately, only the first two arcs where adapted
to anime, but it's still a good show. Try the first two or three episodes, and see
if you can get into it. It's worth it.

If you like Shonen anime, but are looking for
something out of the way of Naruto/Bleach, try Shaman King.
The series is admittedly better in manga form, but the
anime was one of my favorites back in the day.

Once you've found some newer stuff you like, let us know.
We might be able to give you some more targeted recommendations.
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/24/17
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