Retro VGS over $300?
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Posted 8/30/15 , edited 8/31/15
So, I've been incredibly psyched ever since I first found out about Retro VGS. As I despise many things about modern consoles. The noise/reliability issues associated with optical media and overpowered processors. The way games are released broken/unfinished so they can patch/DLC later. The increasing proliferation of microtransactions. The hyperrealistic graphics that make any violence seem more disturbing. Look, I'm older than most of you. I get nostalgic, OK? I just like the good old days. But I just don't see how a console designed for games "Up to PSX" level of graphics can possibly succeed at a price of over $300.
Aside from the price, the recent Nintendo NX patent reveal suggests that Retro VGS may not be the only console on the horizon to use cartridge(-ish) media.
I feel my excitement waning, but honestly, if I see a decent number of people jump on board, I'll probably still break out the plastic and spend money I don't have. I'm just too old fashioned or something.
So, anyone else hyped for Retro VGS? And has either the price announcement or the Nintendo patent affected your excitement/faith in the project?
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