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Most frustrating thing you've been through
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29 / M / Iowa, United States
Posted 8/31/15

Yamstarch wrote:

Having to defend ANYTHING I like. Why should I have to give a reason?

I constantly have to defend the music, the cars, the anime and shows/movies I like. Just about anything I like SOMEONE has to question it or give a reason they don't like it. I don't care.

I'm almost a black sheep within my family and friends.

Hell, I feel like I am almost forced to defend certain things on crunchyroll because so many people are so opinionated on here.

You sure you don't just have a victim complex? It's even in your signature.

That aside, shouldn't you just surround yourself with different people? Even the vast majority of my family and friends, who don't watch anime at all, won't give me crap for my interests - that's just an ass thing to do. Just don't surround yourself in super-judgmental people, and if that's not an option, just shrug them off and concede that they just won't understand; you don't have to defend yourself at all.
Otter Modder
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Posted 8/4/16
OP nuked, closed.
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