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The Anime Challenge
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Posted 8/31/15
Heh. The challenge is actually introduced with an image leading people to one of the acceptable answers. I only really have to recall 19.

1. Oreimo
2. Watamote
3. Lucky Star
4. Azumanga Daioh
5. Ranma 1/2
6. Love Hina
7. Sailor Moon
8. Mobile Suit Gundam
9. Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate
10. Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
11. Squid Girl
12. Excel Saga
13. Maison Ikkoku
14. Rinne
15. Ghost Hunt
16. Another
17. FLCL
18. Outlaw Star
19. Cowboy Bebop
20. Love Live!
21. Kill la Kill (1-Up sound effect)
22. Attack on Titan (1-Up sound effect)
23. Sword Art Online (1-Up sound effect)
24. .hack//SIGN (1-Up sound effect)
25. Gokudo (1-Up sound effect)
26. Slayers (1-Up sound effect)
27. Sergeant Frog (1-Up sound effect)
28. Ninja Scroll (1-Up sound effect)
29. Rurouni Kenshin (1-Up sound effect)
30. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (1-Up sound effect)
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26 / M / Inside Lorreen's...
Posted 8/31/15
I am too lazy.

So I will just do this:
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Posted 8/31/15 , edited 8/31/15
Well, I can do this just by looking at my shelf full of anime.

Code Geass
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
YuYu Hakusho
Fairy Tail
Soul Eater
Black Cat
Samurai Seven
Rurouni Kenshin
Tiger and Bunny
Attack on Titan
Eden of the East
Baka and Test
Golden Time
Ouran Highshcool Host Club
Haruhi Suzumiya
Bamboo Blade
Welcome to the NHK
Black Lagoon
Gurren Lagann
Full Metal Panic
Rozen Maiden
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Wolf's Rain
Psycho Pass
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Speed Grapher
Last Exile
Spice and Wolf
Kino's Journey
Gundam 00
Gundam Wing
Humanity has Declined
Fate/Stay Night
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Ninja Nonsense
Azumanga Diaoh

Yeah, that is more than 20... Sorry. <.<

If you want I can probably just do 20 series I DON'T own, too, that I have seen. XP
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38 / M / Maniwa Japan
Posted 8/31/15

Stonewolfe wrote:

I am too lazy.

Me too

I'm also too old to remember a lot of the anime without googling or digging my boxes of VHS tapes out of storage.
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25 / M / Montreal
Posted 8/31/15
I think it would be a harder game to go on an Anime forum/page and find people who CAN'T name 20 anime.
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Posted 8/31/15

1. Akira
2 Black Laggon
3. Chii sweet home
4. Steam Deceives.
5. Slient Mobeus
4. Eight Man
5. Free!
6.Magic Khight Rayearth
7 nanoha
8. Fate/Stay Night
9. Black Lagoon
10. Little witch Achemia
11. Princess Tutu
12. Katani Collection
13. Slayers
14. Big o
15. Card captor Sakura
16. Galaxy Falualen Yuna
17 Tenchi Myou
18. El hazzard.
19. Hyper Doll.
20 Phatom Quest Corps
21. Pretty Princess Yuui
22. Gunbuster
23. Galaxy Angel
24. Kill la kill
25. Gunnen Laggan.

Man I'm showing my age with some of these shows! :)
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27 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 8/31/15
I love how some people are going over twenty.
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35 / F / California
Posted 8/31/15 , edited 8/31/15
1. Samurai Deeper Kyo
2. Peacemaker Kurogane
3. Rurouni Kenshin
4. Samurai Champloo
5. Ninja Scroll
6. Basilisk: Kouga Nimpo Cho
7. Noragami
8. Kamisama Hajimemashita
9. Twelve Kingdoms
10. Kingdom
11. Saiunkoku Monogatari
12. Monogatari
13. Harukanaru, Toki no Naka de
14. Tokyo Ravens
15. Elfen Lied
16. Akatsuki no Yona
17. Aldonoah Zero
18. Durarara
19. Code: Breaker
20. Cowboy Bebop

I was going for speed... and as soon as I finished I started thinking of favorites that I forgot to list
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28 / F
Posted 8/31/15
Right, I'll name 26...because 26.

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32 / M / TN
Posted 8/31/15 , edited 8/31/15
Don't think I had issues remembering much up until around ~36. So many anime, but it all becomes a blur after awhile :x

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29 / M / NY
Posted 8/31/15
I watch more than 20 in a single season.

Tis not a challenge for me.
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22 / M
Posted 8/31/15
Underlined series aren't on Crunchyroll.
1. Toradora!
2. Blue Exorcist
3. Blue Spring Ride
4. My Little Monster
5. Say "I Love You"
6.Kimi ni Todoke
7. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
8. Un-Go
9. Oreimo
10. Hamatora
11. Akame ga Kill
12. Paranoia Agent
13. The World God Only Knows
14. Trinity Blood
15. Wolf's Rain
16. Another
17. Cowboy Bebop
18. Samurai Champloo
19. Code Geass
20. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
21. Aldnoah.Zero
22. The Pilot's Love Song
23. Ghost in the Shell
24. Golden Time
25. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
26. A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives
27. Trigun
28. GTO - The Animation
29. FLCL
30. Parasyte - The Maxim
31. Occult Academy
32. Trinity Seven
33. Shokugeki no Soma
34. Charlotte
35. Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch
36. Usagi Drop
37. Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father!
38. Durarara
39. Fate/Stay Night
40. Strike the Blood
41. Black Bullet
42. Your Lie in April
43. Plastic Memories
44. Glasslip
45. Punch Line
46. The Fruit of Grisaia
47. A Bridge to the Starry Skies
48. Bakemonogatari
49. Inu x Boku Secret Service
50. Chaika - The Coffin Princess
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32 / M / Lost in Space!
Posted 8/31/15
1. Escaflowne
2. Full Metal Panic
3. Crest of the Stars
4.The Twelve Kingdoms
5. Sekirei
6. Ikki Tousen
7. Shigirui : Death Frenzy
8. Mars Day Break
9. Cowboy Beebop
10. Beck
11. Phantom
13. Mobile Suit Gundam
14.Outlaw Star
16. Yu Yu Hakushou
17. Black Lagoon
18. Jormungand
19. .Rorouni Kenshin
20. Samurai 7
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22 / M / Florida
Posted 8/31/15 , edited 8/31/15
A true challenge would be to name them in Japanese (romaji) without errors.
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57 / M
Posted 8/31/15
Battle of the Planets
Robotech(Yeah, I know some will argue that these are not anime. But since they got me started on anime, and it's my list, they stay.)
Kiki's Delivery Service
Secret of Blue Water
Mysterious Cities of Gold
Cowboy Behop
Giant Robo
Wolf's Rain
Garden of Sinners
Vampire Hunter D
Serial Experiment Lain
Skip Beat
Those Obnoxious Aliens
Ranma 1/2(and all the rest of her works-although I'm alittle disappointed in the current one)
My Love Story
My Little Monster
Ghost in the Shell
My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU
Blood Lad
Whisper of the Heart
The Cats Returns
Spirited Away
Irresponsible Captain Taylor
Tokyo Godfathers
Black Heaven
The Wallflower
X(didn't think to much of it, but the title sure is easy to remember)
Ninja Scroll(we count the movie and the series as one)
ROD(same thing for the OVA and the series)
Viewful Joe
Devil Hunter Yoku
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
The Dirty Pair(throw all of it into one pot)
Engaged to the Unidentified
Host Club
My Love Story
Full Metal Panic(all of it)
A Certain Magical Index
A Certain Scientific Railgun
Snow White with the Red Hair
God Eater
Maria the Virgin Witch

I'm tired, and my spelling sucks, Have a great night.
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