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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Posted 11/4/15 , edited 11/4/15
YEh yeh!? I like to play this sometimes It's really fun to watch. Specially if TCM or Fnatic is playing :3
Posted 11/6/15 , edited 11/7/15
But we all know that EnVyUs is the best; kennyS, Happy and NBK all on the one team, its like my dream came true
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Posted 11/11/15 , edited 11/11/15

scammed $300, rip my precious knight.
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Posted 1/23/16 , edited 1/24/16
What are peoples' ranks? Do you guys follow much with the professional scene :D? Favourite weapon/role?

I've been Global, deranked to supreme after the "0.6% Global" change haha So here I am :P
I follow a lot of the professional scene, have since December 2014, so I'm such a new scrub.
Have been playing Counter strike since I was 9 years old, but didn't really get started until I was 14 and I got my hands on CS:S :D
I was an awper in Source, but I changed roles to a rifler when I went to CS:GO, because my friends were using it haha.

That's about it from me!
Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16
I play most weekdays usually with the same 3-4 people but i'm usually down to play more.

I'm an MG2, de-ranked from LE and have played since just before the arms deal update so around 2 and a half years but with a 5-6 month break a year in.

Followed the competitive scene loosely from the start of 2015 but only recently been getting really into it with Envyus doing so well. Wish there was a good UK team or even better a Scotland team I could cheer on.

I enjoy playing Awp but im not the best so I only play it if no one else wants to (which never really happens). I'm usually a strong CT player especially on a retake as I like the M4 better than the AK but i'm working on improving my T side.

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28 / M / toronto
Posted 1/31/16 , edited 2/1/16
yo yo, im a supreme/global. been playing since 1.6 days

add me for que's dont care your rank, just looking to meet / chill with ppl
Posted 2/19/16 , edited 2/19/16
What does everyone think of the new operation? Bowie knifes look amazing and the new Nuke seems pretty good to me. Not a fan of most of the other new maps though
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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