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1) This may seem a bit of an odd suggestion but walk with me on it. There's logic behind it.
2) Because I live here and it's shorter to type, I'm going to be writing "UK" but I think the concept holds water just as much in other regions, too.
3) Yes, it's a wordy post. That's what I do.

I think there needs to be more UK-exclusive content on Crunchyroll. Although this might seem odd, especially for a company that is based in the US, but there are a few things that I think this would address.

All too often, content gets announced with those horrible little words : US and Canada only. Or there will be a list of countries but the UK and several other regions are not on that list.
If Crunchyroll could get the non-American rights for simulcasts and catalogue titles, I think this would not only address the perceived "poorer service" but would actually reward those who play by the rules.

As well as the usual arguments of "Why don't we get the same service" (which is an inaccurate but understandable perception), the current situation really just punishes people who play by the rules and rewards those who break them.

Rightly or wrongly, the North America CR catalogue is seen as being the "master catalogue" with a few titles as exceptions. If you play by the rules, your regional catalogue is basically a subset of what is "really" available. If you use regional bypass techniques, though, you get everything and don't lose more than one or two shows.
This gives a benefit to VPNs and the like, despite them being against the TOS. Especially here in the UK where fans of various American shows already use such techniques to keep ahead of spoilers.

Having UK exclusive content would help by not only addressing the perception of "fair" (catalogue is a variation instead of just a limited selection) but by actually rewarding people who "stay" in their own region and giving some level of immediate drawback to those whose location... "wanders around whilst at home".
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