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Does anyone know where I can buy the blurays for Danmachi (Is it Wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon?)? I've been searching but can't find anything lol.. I would like a site that ships to North America and I prefer subs (if there are any subbed versions) but raw is fine as well. So please post a site if you know one!
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There is, as far as my knowledge goes, no US release yet. This is a link to a store that sells the Japanese release:

Keep in mind that Japanese releases are incredibly expensive as you pay close to $60 excluding shipping and taxes for 2 episodes. (No subs!)
My advise: Wait for the Sentai Filmworks release. (Release date currently unknown)
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It'll be quite some time before we see Danmachi BDs since the final Japanese BD doesn't come out until the end Novemeber 2015.

However, Sentai Filmworks has the North American license for it and they will release it.
You're probably looking at May 2016 at earliest, which is the 6 month mark for the turn around time between the final JP release and the NA release.

Chances are though, since it's really popular, it'll probably get a dub which will push the release date for much later.
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Just wait for Sentai to publish.

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Thanks for the replies! I haven't bought any BDs before, and was wondering if the subs can usually be disabled on them? I'm working on my japanese so I can watch raws. If subs usually can't be disabled then I may just get the raws. Thanks for the link by the way.
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