Online-Shy for ~10 Years, Looking for Friends.
Posted 9/4/15 , edited 9/4/15

I'm looking for friends to talk with - whether it is about anime (and related culture) or general news. I've watched several online communities the side for a while and after seeing so many of my real life friends make lasting online friendships, I finally want to give it a try again. Oh, no commitment - I understand personalities can clash and wouldn't feel bitter. I am in a low expectation mindset, but I think it could produce surprising results? An attempt to reach out is healthy, so...?

Anyways, I can go by CC (my initials)! I'm 26 and live on the east coast of the USA! I'm mixed race, but most people think I am just white with black hair. To suggest my other half, my eyes are that of a westerner where as my sister definitely looks Asian (guess I spoiled it). I go to as many anime conventions as I can, sometimes I get lucky and make a great friend and other times I just enjoy the sights. I'm cosplaying for Anime USA, though I am hesitant to reveal which character at this time (but it is a female character to male gender bender, but I'm keeping almost everything in tact except the skirt and not stuffing anything xD [though a female friend does want to help me with makeup and the ponytail for my wig]...).

I hope this brief (and yet relatively long post for these threads) revealed a bit about myself. I certainly don't go the one-line route in online discussions. In general, I am the type to reach out to friends and I'm also the type that responds to nearly everything (I won't if there are clear signals that it should be the end of that discussion). I definitely like discussing ideas and I generally think I have a friendly demeanor. If you'd like to chat*, feel free to add me.

*An edit after I saw the first reply and before I go outside to do business: by chat I mean through the site. Anyways, have a nice day - I hope this is all well received.
Posted 9/4/15
I don't like to chat and I find most people annoying.

But good luck with finding decent individuals to converse with, god knows it's difficult.
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Posted 9/8/15
Nobody wants to talk to you anyway dog, lol. Hey mixed breed (2D). Add me to your friends list brosef. I knose a few things
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Posted 12/13/15
OP Nuked. Locked.
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