The untimely demise of MegaSlowbro
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Posted 9/4/15
I thought it would be hilarous to write a "letter to god" for Slowbro when MegaSlowbro was shown off, but I never got round to it. just found the translation for the Slowpoke song and I thought "meh do it". don't really know where to put it so it's in the creative corner. poor fella:

dear god
I ask you kindly for your time, and for your help, as I have nowhere else to turn.
My story starts like any other. I was an ordinary, pink collar wild Slowpoke, until one day a human came rustling through the grass. He had several other monsters with him, all who fought me until I found continuing the fight difficult. the human threw a ball at me, and I was trapped. the monsters became friends, and the human, my trainer. I fought other trainer's monsters, and was brought to the beach as a reward. all of a sudden, a Shelder came out of the sea and bit my tail. I was able to stand up, and the shelder stayed with me, like a brother. I was a Slowbro!

soon after that my trainer gave me a shiny, rainbow coloured stone and told me it was special. Once again I was fighting other monsters. I was on the ropes, when my trainer yelled "Slowbro, mega evolve!" The stone glowed, after a flash of light filled the area I regained my vision. To my horror, I found myself neck deep in Shelder's jaws.This is messed up. He is my brother and he is eating me! My screams fall on the deaf ears of my trainer, my tears only serve to give my flesh a rich salty taste and I dread that I will soon hear the words "ultra evolve." I am a simple pocket monster asking a complex and intelligent entity for help. Please save this meagre soul.


Save the Slowbros!
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Posted 1/5/17
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