My account may be hacked?
Posted 9/4/15 , edited 9/4/15
So, here I was browsing Crunchyroll and I notice that my queue and watched episodes are fluffed up. I go to send in a help email to see if they can be fixed. That's when I notice my email is not my email it's some random email address that I have personally never used. I go to fix it and also change my password because I would rather it not happen again and I now notice my password is not the one I had. Now, at this point they only reason I can get on is because I was auto-signed into crunchyroll on my computer. I sent a support email, but I sent it before realizing that I could not change my password. Is there anything I can do to prove I am me, and maybe get my account back?
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Posted 9/4/15 , edited 9/4/15
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