What's up with the Crunchyroll + Loot Crate Labor Day offer?
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Posted 9/6/15 , edited 9/20/15
9/20 - Closing thread because volume of inquiries has died down and the time is now past for code redemption deadline. Any additional questions or unresolved issues regarding the offer should be directed to Customer Support via the Contact Us form (if you've not contacted them already) or by replying to any prior email from support that you received regarding your issue.

9/13 UPDATE: Loot Crate codes have been sent to those who were eligible but hadn't received them. If you haven't received one and are sure you are eligible, contact customer support using the Contact Us form. Please note it may be a day or two before you receive a non-automated response. See below for more info.

Hi everybody. The same few questions and concerns keep coming up about the Crunchyroll Premium Trial + Loot Crate promotion, and the answers are getting a little buried in existing threads. It also seems that the updated opening post in the longest thread is being overlooked, so hopefully this separate "sticky" thread will help!

1) I signed up on the CR + Loot Crate offer page, but I haven't received my email with the Loot Crate code yet.

- There was a known issue with some users not receiving the email initially, but now all the codes have been sent.

- You must have signed up before 5 pm (Pacific Time) on September 6. (The Loot Crate offer ended early due to high demand/low quantity. If you followed a link and the sign-page you landed on did not promote the special loot-crate deal, you are not eligible.)

- Make sure you are checking the email address that you used to sign up for Crunchyroll and not a different one.

- If you are sure you are eligible and have not received the code, contact customer support using the Contact Us form.

- Per the terms of service you'll have until September 18 to redeem the code.

2) Do I need to sign up at Loot Crate before I get my code?

3) I got my Loot Crate code, and tried to use it, but I got a message saying it's invalid.

4) I'm getting a message saying I already used a trial or have been a Premium Member.

5(a) How do I sign up for this offer?
5(b) I signed up for the offer, but I'm not sure what to do next.

Details from the Terms of Service (This promotion is currently the very first section there.) Here's a copy that I've broken down line by line:

Links to posts from customer support reps regarding this (most say essentially the same thing, but a couple offer additional points of clarification):

Edit Sep 6
Links to the special offer url now indicate that the Loot Crate promotion is no longer available but provides an offer for a 30-day Crunchyroll premium member trial. The message reads:

Due to high demand and limited quantities, our special Free Loot Crate offer is no longer available. However, please still enjoy a Free Month of Crunchyroll by signing up here!

The ad that had been displayed on Crunchyroll has been removed. The usual links for a trial offer go to a 14-day trial signup.
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