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Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not
Thanks a bunches.

Very simple. I will type down a paragraph and the next person must come up with a paragraph to add to mine.
Make a story of it and keep it going.

My Turn:

Clenching on his rifle for dear life, the soldier waited patiently for his moment to move. He sat there thinking how did he ever get himself in this situation. The thought of his wife lingers in his mind along with his baby girl who miss. The soldier continues thinking as he holds the rifle closer to his heart thinking "This is for my little girl". A soft sound of a footstep approached where the soldier is sitting and he charged out of his hiding. He pointed his rifle at the person to see a child holding a gun right before his eyes. War, it turned this child from sweet and innocent to a killing machine. The soldier was surprised to see a child with a gun in his small hands quivering for his life. The soldier was hesitant to do anything but knew it was his duty to shoot the enemy. But if the enemy is a small child no older than ten years old. The child charged at the soldier and without a single thought, the soldier pulled the trigger. With eyes widen eyes, the soldier witness blood spilled before his eyes. He looked at the body hitting the ground hard. What has he done? The soldier dropped the rifle on the ground, slowly and steadily walked over to the child. He kneeled over reaching out his hand, covering the child's eyes. Blood leaked over the ground like a thick red blanket. The child was put to rest by the red blanket and the soldier knew he would never wake up.

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Posted 4/25/16
The soldier thought of his little girl, grown up pointing a gun at soldier. He imagined her pulling the trigger with no hesitation, his princess twisted into a killing machine. He thought of the soldier shooting his little girl. He thought of his grief, and sorrow. He imagined his wife being furious with him, blaming him for the death of their daughter. He pictured the resentment on the faces of both his parents and his wife's. He then thought about the boy he just killed. He probably had family that loved him just as much as he loved his daughter; brothers, sisters, parents, grandparent etc. The thoughts brought tears to his eyes and he began to question his motivations for fighting. War, killing, what was it all for? For who's sake was this all for? He wanted to just run. Run home to his wife and baby, to hold them, to love them, to kiss them. The sound of a dead branch snapping under a boot snapped him out of his maudlin state. Of course this armed child in army khakis wasn't alone. He was just one of many scouts for a larger force, probably of armed adults.He picked up his rifle and the boys, he wouldn't be needing it any longer. "there'll be plenty of time for self pity and sentiment when I get home." he thought, and compartmentalized his emotions away. All he need here and now was to rely on his training and skills. More enemies were coming, and if he wanted to see his family again, they'd have to never see theirs.
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Posted 11/22/17
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