Agian with: Muslims and free speech
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Posted 9/7/15 , edited 9/7/15
Are you a Muslim?
What are your thoughts on draw mohammed day? (some say its 20 may I think)

Welcome To Belgistan -- The New Muslim Capital Of Europe
(muslim groups says want to concour the land..)

(someone that has bad rep with muslims in local area and feels the community is worse
with more muslim culture comming into the land)

'Muslims are not suppossed to get mad, But this one is raging out on a nice woman in red!'

Peoples kindness shall never fade away!
While we do remember dark shadows sometimes the strongest,
the light will allways shine!
and to lift it all up here:
(didn't like the guy's intentions, where also most comming in are not like that and does not prove anything, but atleast it was a for the bit ligther mood if someone else find some nice muslims recorded like farmers etc)

Off the subject but here is an AMV
also my feelings on the all is that some places seems like they have made a "similar" network like the mafia etc with rep means money and more, also drugs/kidnaps/sexual abuse and way more (some is more culture related, some religion I don't want to exclude the more cind people with their views either and that they atleast don't go out of the way of thoughts of others)

Please do not:
Go on all muslims.
(people are people)
Keep in mind of the language!
And Muslims/trolls try not to provoke others as well..
(as if it was excluded)

Because of wanting to hear if any muslims are here or reading this?
Don't really want another closed about muslims...
Even though these "rules" are maybe begging for it when I do this.

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Posted 9/7/15 , edited 9/7/15
I'm not even sure what you're trying to say with all this. People are people indeed, but this is closed, especially since you seem to imply it's a repeat of a former topic. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss further.
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