Why don't people drink vodka straight
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Posted 9/9/15
So...i was talking to my mum about Sake that my carer for when im out drank (stronger then plain vodka and burns way more apparently) when i give her this demo of what i think it is i explained it to her by taking a 40% alcohol pure vodka and pouring a tiny bit (less then a shot glass) into a cup and then just drunk it.

Personally it tasted great and the burn was amazing (not like horrible spicy burns )

So why don't people drink vodka straight...also does anyone think that tiny bit would be enough to get someone relatively new buzzed because i feel dizzy xD
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Posted 9/9/15
Its our own choice what we want to drink and what we don't we know our selves better than anyone some people like alcohol so much becuz they are addicted but some people like you like vodka but my opinion is that vodka is more stronger than alcohol
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Posted 9/9/15 , edited 9/9/15
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