Good to know CR support reads their tickets.
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Posted 9/9/15 , edited 9/9/15
So, like many people, I had an issue getting my loot crate email after subscribing to CR.
I sent a support ticket and they got back to me like they did with others and I replied to them explaining how I had done everything they had said and still didn't have an email.
I waited a couple more days and never heard back from them, so I sent another email and after still not getting a response I sent another ticket asking if they were going to respond at all. Well, I got my loot crate email this morning and everything there is good and I am quite pleased with that, but something funny happened when I got a response to my second ticket.
I got an email explaining everything I should do to try and find the email. Well, this email was essentially the same as the first I had gotten with a little bit of extra information. The thing is, the email they were responding to was about if they would respond to my previous email. So I went ahead and sent a response saying thanks and I had gotten the email and everything was good. Then I got another email saying, "It sounds like an issue with the code. Some changes were made to correct the issue. Would you mind trying the code again and making sure there are no spaces? If you still get an error please reply back with the actual code you are trying. We can then test that and request a working code for you." It is rather funny how they don't even bother to glance at the support tickets they receive. So thank you Matthew R. for being a robot with a slightly more realistic name XD
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Posted 9/9/15 , edited 9/9/15
It sounds like you created multiple support requests with your separate tickets. They are trying to help, but the thread here seems to be mocking them for looking at what you posted to them in email and suggesting fixes - keeping in mind, support is a team, and so multiple individuals may be looking at what you said, not to mention looking at different threads of your conversation that you created.

Also sounds like you got your loot crate, so I'm closing this.
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