Why are there only 4 God Eater episodes here but 7 elsewhere?
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Posted 9/9/15 , edited 9/9/15
I mean, it just doesn't add up.

Does 2 + 2 = Fish now?
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Posted 9/9/15 , edited 9/9/15
Your lack of research doesn't add up.

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Posted 9/9/15
Because of licensing agreements my friend. Be grateful that CR even has it as a delaycast.
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Posted 10/2/15
The problem lies in the fact that Crunchyroll says God Eater is "Simulcast on Tuesdays 1:00pm CDT"

I know Funimation is fond of using the technical definition of which would allow them to air Cowboy Bebop and call it a simulcast if some one was to air it again in Japan. But the way simulcasts are sold to the people who buy premium is that it is aired shortly after it airs in Japan. In my opinion something can be called simulcast it it is aired with 7 days of the first airing. If the show first airs on a private network you can add 7 more days, anything after that should be called a delaycast. Crunchyroll has done and excellent job (at least for the shows I watch) of keeping a simulcast a simulcast, until God Eater frankly it would have been better if they hadn't licensed it.

My problem is they are currently 3 episodes behind and the are still calling it simulcast and even in the beginning they would skip a couple of Tuesdays before uploading the next episode.

Even though it is a little late in the game they should remove it from the simulcast list and chance its page from "Simulcast on Tuesdays 1:00pm CDT" to something like "uploaded on Tuesdays 1:00pm CDT" or "Delaycast on Tuesdays 1:00pm CDT" especially since people can watch episodes 1-9 for free on Daisuki.net, they are just losing respect by still calling it simulcast..

I have always have use Crunchyroll as and example on how to do things the correct way, when criticizing Funimation in their forums since they are so bad when it comes to the streaming division. Sigh where is my foil now.
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