What comic or show property, ye want see turn into anime, n what studio?
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by 1987 to 88 ralph bakshi(a famous animator from the 70's that change cartoon with mature tone), made he's first saturday morning cartoon, with the new adventures of Mighty mouse. ye have to understand mighty mouse was a kid friendly cartoon(or more a superman knockoff). but when the right were bought by bakshi studio, he gave a whole new spin to the cartoon, giving it a very mature n sometime bizarre sense humour, that only lasted 2 season.
but still he made of he own without any studio involment.
so imagine what would happen if a japanese studio were to make anime of famous comic or show(series or cartoon). without any studio(that own the property) involment.
so come on otakuheads which would make ye mouth wet
and please no buffy or archie, cause really there many anime knockoff.

But hey here 3 of my own:

Death: The high cost of living.
based Neil Gaiman graphic novel, with art Christ Banchalo.
the story is simple, a suicide teen spend a whole day with dead.
showing him the true value of living. Is a very slice of life/supernatural tone
My studio choice, Kyoto animation, why not. mixing moe/drama on the subject of death.
it would be a great challenge to tell it. as for the animation it would go fine if
death herself had a black/white tone, while around her would be in color.
Kyoto can do it, and hey it wouldnt hurt to see the Sandman in a moe style. haha

Skelenton warriors
based on saturday morning cartoon.
the story follow of resistent group fighting for their kingdom,against army of immortal skelentons,
once they break, they rebuild again, making their chances for victory grim.
My studio of choice Madhouse, why? when it come to medievil/future setting
they know how do it, 80's OVA style, plus give it, a berserk story, about familly, honor, n betrayal
it would make you forget of certain hbo show.
So star hearing some judas priest, Black sabbath, and some 80's Metallica
and bring this property to life.

Harley Quinn
based on the DC character, and i m talking about the new 52 version.
everybody know her as the sidekick/girlfriend of the Joker.
But for a great story it should be in the vein of the latest series Harley Quinn n Power girl
were both travel the cosmos, saving one planet at time. with mishief n bizarre moments amist.
Studio of choice Trigger, hell yeah, on how bizarre n funny they can make their anime,
is a perfect fit for Harley, i mean how demented n echi can ya go. and to add bonus theres Power girl.
as companion. nuff said.

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