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Posted 9/11/15
So I was thinking about Ten Ten from Naruto and is she actually just an extra. Her impact on canon stories are very minimal. Every aspect about her appearance, skills, and personality is completely irrelevant to any canon arc that I can think of. Let's be honest any place where you see Ten Ten in Naruto take away her skills and give her a different skill without making her a lot stronger or weaker. For example take away her dancing shuriken scroll attack and make her instead have several earth jutsu. She still would be the same, but if you take away Neji's gentle fist, Naruto's Shadow Clones, Rock Lee's Ti-jutsu, Shikumaru's Shadow possession, etc. you have an incredibly different show if the slightest change is made. anyone agree
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Posted 9/11/15
You....pretty much missed the point to what makes Ten Ten stand out, didn't you?

She's a weapon master. Sure the others may have big explode-y super awesome jutsu, but those aren't exactly stealthy. Ninjas, even in Naruto, are supposed to be stealth based.

And in that area your skills with weapons, which are by far quieter than any of the awesome justu, takes precedence, and in that regard, Ten Ten stands above the vast majority of the others. Much like how Rock Lee is specialized in his taijutsu martial arts, Ten Ten is skilled with weapons.

To be perfectly honest, when it comes to a mission that absolutely needs stealth, I'd pick Ten Ten over most of the Naruto cast, because she can still be quiet while being able to defend herself and others.

Now is Ten Ten useful in the large scale ninja wars where people are busting out jutsu out in the open left and right? Well, no, not really. I mean she can still kick the ass of most of the low level mooks, but is she going to be able to stand up to anyone at or above Kage level? Hell nah, but then again, neither can most Naruto characters.

Basically, just cause you think Ten Ten isn't special and is just basically a glorified extra doesn't mean that is the truth. She is just more of an exaggerated version of a more traditional real life ninja, rather than one of Naruto's super ninjas.
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