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24 / M / Vancouver, Canada
Posted 2/6/16
Hey everyone! I joined about 2 weeks ago but here is my official introduction of sorts.. lol

Fave anime: Sword Art Online (mostly because it was the first anime I watched and it got me into watching more and more anime)

Least fave anime: Any mech anime (for some reason I am just not a fan sorry xD)

Character I can relate too: The only person I could think of was Agil from SAO. Him and me are both like that supportive, kind, easy-going, laid back, loyal friend who everyone gets along with and likes.
Posted 2/10/16 , edited 2/10/16
Hi I'm Ryudo most people call me Ryu. My interests are anime and comics , video games , mangas.
favorite anime
K project
least favorite
one piece
Anime Character you can relate too I'll get back to this one
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F / ar away
Posted 4/14/16 , edited 4/19/16
[Please delete this post]
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32 / F / Mississippi
Posted 5/19/16
Hi. Names Pixie . Nice to meet ya. Ive been in to anime since I was like ... Oh wow. A long time. Maybe 3 or 4. dad got me started on Dragon ball. (no. I'm not talking about z) now I've past the torch to my 7yr old. Fav anime... There's so many.. Sailor moon. fairy tail. Irregular at magic high school. & Sword art online. But she and I both share the same dislike... Attack on titan... The titans remind us of bobble head dolls.... Any way. Toodles y'all.
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27 / M
Posted 10/22/16
What the Occult Research Society does?
Well, It's called the Occult Research Society, so obviously we repair microwaves.

Favorite Anime:
My favorite anime of all time is Fooly Cooly. The characters were compelling and interesting and the plot didn't overstay its welcome. I guess it helps that I first saw it around the time I hit puberty and at the time I felt a kind of empathy for Naota.

Least Favorite Anime:
Dragon Ball GT: the Quest for More Money. Gutter trash.

Anime Character I Relate To:
I have to go with Vampire Hunter D. Much like myself, D has a very calm and stoic demeanor. He also struggles to triumph over his rage and blood-lust, much like I, in rare cases, have trouble dealing with my own emotions. Also, we are both weakened by the sun.
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「 18 / M 」
Posted 5/17/17
Favorite Anime: Overlord or High School DxD... Don't make me choose
Least Favorite Anime: Food Wars...I got hungry every time, it was unfair for my stomach
Character I Can Relate To: Natsu Dragneel...I'm always fired up <3
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13 / M / Paradise
Posted 10/29/17
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