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Need A Strong Anime (some thing that blasts me with excitement)
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Posted 9/13/15 , edited 9/13/15
Something exciting? Hmm...

Moryo no Hako (mystery, horror)
Book of Bantorra (plot twists, some action, super powers, characters getting killed)
Kara no Kyoukai (movie series, action, thriller)
Guin Saga (adventure, fantasy)
Fate/Zero (action, fantasy)
Jyu Oh Sei (sci-fi, some action, romance, tragedy)
Claymore (action, fantasy)
Chihayafuru (sports competition)
Shinsekai Yori (sci-fi, super powers, horror?)

IDK though, since I'm not that into GATE... we might have very different tastes and you might not find the above exciting.
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Posted 9/13/15 , edited 9/14/15
I have the exact same problem these days... I can't seem to find an amine that really get me excited...
You might have seen them, but these are some of my favorites:
God Eater (it's going now, and is great! I LOVE IT!)
Rokka no Yuusha (also going now)
Guilty Crown
Akame ga kill
Blast of Tempest
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica
07 Ghost
Brake Balde
Chrome Shelled Regios
No. 6
D. Gray man

I don't know what you like though... so you might not like any of them...
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Posted 9/15/15 , edited 9/16/15
Gurren Lagann
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/24/17
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