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In a work related issue, a man I had to deal with kept questioning the patriotism of a family friend. Several years ago he (the friend) had married a nice Canadian woman and decided to immigrate for his own reason (nothing against the home country). To say, I was kind of pissed. I could not say anything, so I decided to get a better understanding of patriotism.

My reference is an article by Primoratz Igor (2009 Jun 01) Patriotism retrieved from

My brain hurts. I now under why this guy did not try to give a clear difference.

Nationalism: relates emotionally to the greater community.

Patriotism: is more ethically/morally related to the greater community. The following are the different types of patriotism recognized in the article and the most basic meaning I could get for each one.

Extreme: Zealots.

Robust: It is a core value choosing right and wrong.

Moderate: Kind of like being married or having a kid. You're willing give support and yet willing to criticize when they do something you deem wrong. Not limited to the home country.

Deflated: I don't understand.

Ethical: Monks and nuns of patriotism. Looking to a higher level.
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I am not very patriotic. I think that is the inner German in me. I just don't really see the point of being patriotic. It causes a lot of issues. This is one of the reason a lot of countries get "along" with the USA. I have been around the world and it is something a lot of my acquaintances and friends joke around about.

Also, the places I lived in and had the most fun in didn't practice much patriotism. Germany (west and east are rank 4 and 6 in least patriotic countries in the world) and New York is the least patriotic of the states in the USA. Of course I had a lot of fun in the Scandinavian countries as well. They didn't practice that much either.

I guess what I want to say is that it depends on where you were raised. If your in the USA... chances are you will be patriotic. We are taught to be that since we were born. It probably will never end untill the USA empire ends, as all Empires do.
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Patriotism isn't really my thing. I respect government and understand why we need it, but an over-attached feeling towards an establishment seems too unnatural to me. I believe that we each can influence the greater good without becoming cogs to a machine and losing our individuality.
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On the note of Patriotism I feel its important to be proud of your country and its accomplishments. But Patriotism Imo isn't suppose to be one sided you need to be proud yes not over proud and also take time to understand and reflect no country is perfect and all have made mistakes.
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