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Posted 9/13/15 , edited 9/13/15
death note my fav anime of all time light is a tenage boy who finds a note book of death
people die of heart attacks the japan poice bring in l the worlds best deteve lights dad being on the poice joins the task force people deadicated to bringing kika to justice kira is lights name kika is killer and l tells lights dad that he suspects light of being kika oh and theres a shimgi called ryi he just finds lights plans entertaning ryi tells light he can make a trade the shigi eyes they can see a persons lifespin and name but he his to trade half of his life he refurses and then ryi tells him that someones following him so he finds him kills him later his wife starts investigateing hhe kills her he kills a chimal he calls a girl called misas family misa also has a death note and helps light alot lights dad pertends to kill light after light gives up the notebook and is imprisoned by l when he gets the note book back he kills l and then near took over underestedmateing near he meets him writes his name in the notebook its a fake so he gets shot died afther admiting hes kira and killing his father ryi writes his name in the notebook 10 OUT OF 10
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