Ushio & Tora Long-running Popularity Poll
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Posted 9/14/15 , edited 9/14/15
It’s not easy picking favorites. But now it’s easier than ever! I’ve decided on creating a popularity poll for the Ushio & Tora TV anime that’s currently airing.

Now I bet you’re wondering “Hey wait! The show isn’t completed yet! Why are you doing a poll now?.”

I’m glad you asked! Here’s the twist - This will be an on-going poll. I knew I wanted to make a poll from the get-go, but I didn’t want to wait! I had the idea to see how the character rankings improve as the show continues! Now, the plan is to open a new poll every month as the show goes on until episode 26 wraps up and as it goes along I will tabulate the results. Since Ushio & Tora goes on break in the winter, I guess that time will be left down to discussions. When the final 13 episodes air in Spring I’ll continue with the polls! Sound fun? Good!

First official Popularity Poll -

This 1st Survey will end on 8/18 12am PST.

Rules & Guidelines:

I will make an updated survey once a month to keep up with the show. I came up with that timeframe, but if there is a high demand for it, I can make surveys on a quicker rate than that. However one per week might be a bit too much so I probably won’t do that.
Choose 5 of your favorite characters. No more, no less. The survey won’t be completed otherwise.
This will be a constantly updated polling process until the show is done.
This is only based on the new TV remake. This is not for the manga, or the old OVA episodes. On that topic, try and only think of how the characters as they are to the current episode that the poll is out for.
Don’t be afraid to pick characters that aren’t commonly liked. Use your own judgement. Feel free and choose characters based on the designs you liked or a moment where they shined in.
Each new survey will end before the next episode comes out. I want to make sure that the events of the new episode doesn’t affect the results.
Any questions, concerns, or feedback can go to my Twitter or on my Anime Amino profile (Mike Strider). I want to make this the best polling experience an anime fan can get!
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