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Which of these personal things would you change if partner asked you to
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Posted 9/28/15 , edited 9/28/15
My wife and I work together on most of these issues.

She keeps her hair long for me. I make sure I stay clean shaven for her.
We have both tried to move towards a healthier diet.
She asks my opinion on clothing and I ask hers.

We leave each others reading habits alone. Neither of us read/watch porn, but she admits her romance novels comes a lot closer than my ecchi anime. I won't watch Duck Dynasty or Big Brother, she won't watch most anime. We are both Doctor Who and Star Trek fans.

An open and honest sharing of opinions, mutual respect, and a willingness to compromise on both sides. The secret to a happy marriage.
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Posted 9/30/15
I would like to believe I am flexible and would like to please my male partner with his wants. The only exception would be Hair Style. I like my hair long and would not cut it nor stop coloring it. I look amazing in purple haze.
Posted 10/1/15
I'd happily change my eating habits/diet for my fiancé if he wanted me to
Posted 12/6/15
Eating habits.

I personally like how I do everything else.
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Posted 12/6/15
My hair turned white this one time.
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Posted 1/25/17
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