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Posted 9/14/15 , edited 9/16/15

One day, an impractical boy named Shinobu, trying to find a dorm due to his transfer into high school, accidentally moves into share-house called Kayane Manor for aspiring shogi (Japanese chess) professionals. Although to his surprise, he decided to stay after an eventful game of Shogi the other roommates invited him to play. Now, after that moment, he decides to become a pro Shogi player, which surprises all his roommates. Now, what will unfold Shinobu on his new path on becoming a pro Shogi player?!

Game, Comedy, Slice of Life


September 14th, 2015 to ?

Story & Art by Haruto Ikezawa. Consultant: Takanori Hashinoto.

Weekly Shonen Jump

This series started today on Viz Media's Shonen Jump website and I was interested since I am into types of series that dwell into the topic the author is focusing on. An example of this would be Baby Steps or Shokugeki no Soma! I enjoyed the first chapter and I am looking forward to reading more every week. Let us discuss! Are you reading this series?
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Posted 9/14/15 , edited 9/15/15
I'm waiting to see on how it's received in Japan and whether Viz will choose to add it ongoing before starting it. It looks good though. The feedback I've seen for it has been positive.

Edit: I changed my mind and tried the first chapter. It was really good! i hope it does really well and the whole series is translated I'd love to read more of it!
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Posted 9/15/15 , edited 9/15/15
I wasn't really interested in this manga when I read the description, but it was a decent first chapter. I don't think I'll be too sad if Viz only translates the first three though. I mean, that could easily change, but for now I'm more intrigued by Samon-kun.
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